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About Kathryn


Kathryn Sparrow has had stories spinning around in her head her whole life and finally decided it was time to write them down. For twenty years, she worked in the Software Industry as a Software Quality Engineer, so she gets a particular thrill including geeks in her stories. Now, she is a stay-home mom although she thinks that’s a terrible name for the job since she spends so much time driving her kids to their various activities. She lives in Massachusetts with her geek husband and adorable, infuriating daughters, who are too smart for their Mommy’s own good. If she had spare time she would spend it knitting, crocheting, cross stitching, and doing any other handicrafts that caught her fancy.



How do you like my site header. I like to think of the lovely birds in the picture as Kathryn’s Sparrows. This lovely image was created for me by the talented artist and owner of Greg’s Design Studio. I think he did a fabulous job!


I think the bird on the right is looking coyly at the bird on the left, hoping to catch his notice. Yes, I can turn anything into a romance.

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